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Ms. Abramson's Class

Dear Parents,

      Aloha!  We are very excited to meet you as we begin our 6th grade journey.  This year our language arts program will be implemented via the Wonders reading series. In math, we will continue to use the GO Math! series. Both of these curriculum areas focus on Common Core State Standards.

      We look forward to working with your child to help him/her develop a higher level of skill mastery.  We begin the school year by getting acquainted with your child.  During this time, we will be assessing your child in order to effectively implement our curriculum to meet their academic needs.  We will focus on cooperative learning activities, which helps prepare students to apply collaborative skills throughout the school year.  Many of our activities will include working in groups, where the students will have an opportunity to develop problem solving and social skills, with an emphasis on mutual respect and an appreciation of others.

      There will be regularly assigned homework.  We will set deadlines for assignments and expect assignments to be turned in on time.  Each child will be given a “Student Planner ” where students will be required to list all assignments.  Parents are strongly encouraged to sign the Student Planner on a daily basis.  Please ask your child to show you the planner so that you can sign it.  We want to maintain a good two-way communication with you.  The planner will be used to correspond between school and home, along with email and phone calls.  Conferences will be scheduled as needed, either before or after school, to avoid disruption of our classroom instructional program and activities.



                                        Grade 6 Teachers