Classroom Attendance Popcorn Parties

Classes have the opportunity to earn a popcorn party by coming to school everyday.  A class can earn a letter in the word, "Attendance," for each day in which all students are present.  When a class achieves 10 days of perfect attendance, spelling out the word "Attendance," they receive a popcorn party to celebrate the accomplishment.
The following classes have met the "Attendance" goal at least once

Popcorn parties earned during the 2nd quarter:

  • Yagi-Barrett (3)
  • Perreira
  • N. Nguyen
  • Godwin
  • Yanos
  • Duquette
  • Inouye-Ng
  • Wong
  • Nakashima
  • Suzuki
  • Au
  • Chida

* Popcorn parties earned during the 3rd quarter are now updated weekly on the website shuffle.