Welcome to the Counseling Center!

Aloha Makalapa Students and Families,
We hope you had a great summer! We are all so excited to have everyone back on campus! 
At Makalapa Elementary, we use a social-emotional learning program called "Leader in Me," as well as a character education program called "Project Wisdom" to build character, confidence, and a leadership community within our campus.  We strive to encourage students to take responsibility for their choices and actions, empower our students to do their personal best, and create a respectful and caring school climate by encouraging tolerance and understanding of differences.
Please find some time to check out our Counselor Corner website!  Here you will find some Leader in Me resources and activities you can do at home.  On this website, you will find an electronic Parent Counseling Referral Form and our contact information. 
Mrs. Sakamoto, Mr. Miyose and Mr. Dan