News & Announcements

DOE Travel Update

Read the Superintendent's memo regarding travel. NOTE: Our students do not participate in school-related off-island travel.

Park in unmarked stalls facing Salt Lake Blvd.

Numbered Stalls are reserved for Teachers. Do not park in numbered stalls. Also, do not park in other labelled stalls. Help our Staff effectively do our business of educating your child. Park in designated areas. Mahalo!

Ho'ike update

Principal Arai has made the decision that our Ho’ike celebration will continue as scheduled for tomorrow, March 13th. Families are asked to stay alert with their own health concerns and take the necessary precautions while attending. Just a reminder...parking will be on the field. Entrance to the gym will be on the Target side of the building. We are expecting rainy weather, so prepare accordingly. No food or drink allowed in the gym.

Cell Phone Policy

Student cell phones must be kept in their backpacks on school campus this includes before and after school. Students are allowed to call parents in the office and in the class with adult permission.
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